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We are Lauriane and Alexis and we welcome you to our travel blog. We are a French couple in our 30s and we love discovering new places, adventures, flying our drone on great outdoors and of course, food. We hope this blog will inspire you for your next exploration and encourage you to travel more.

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Road trip in Iceland – 5 days itinerary to discover the wild and stunning landscapes

A 5 days road trip to explore Iceland, which is one of the most unique and iconic destination in the world. In this post, our itinerary from Reykjavík to the Reynisfjara beach with black sand to the glacier - Jökulsárlón. We are telling you our key spots for each day of our trip.

The Blue Lagoon: Our experience & some tips to prepare your visit

If you are planning a trip in Iceland - it is very likely that you are considering to add it to your itinerary. This hot springs with light blue - milky colour is one of the most popular attraction in Iceland. What a nice treat to finish our Icelandic trip. In this post, we are telling you why you should visit it. And we are also sharing some tips and practical information to enjoy a perfect visit :).

The cost of a one week trip in the Norwegian Fjords

If you are planning your next trip in the Norwegian fjords, this post may interest you :). We are providing a lot of details on the costs of our total road trip and described our key expenses categories. It should help you to plan your future try by giving you an overview of how much it will cost you. We detailed our budget for our 6 days road trip in summer.

Useful videos and blogs to plan your trip in the Norwegian fjords

If you are planning your next adventure in the Norwegian fjords - this post is very likely to inspire you :). Norway is is a huge country. That's why it is impossible to visit it entirely or even just the main highlight in a week or two. It can quickly become overwhelming to plan your itinerary in the Norwegian fjords. So we gathered a couple of video to give you an introduction to the Norwegian fjords. And maybe help you to decide which areas to explore. Then we also added a couple of links to some travel blogs, and some specifically for the Trolltunga hike. You can use them to help you define your itinerary for your road trip.

Road trip in Norway – 1 week itinerary to explore the Norwegian Fjords

A one week trip exploring the stunning Norwegian fjords is an incredible experience :). We started our itinerary from Bergen. Our key highlights are Trolltunga, both Vøringsfossen & Tvindefossen waterfalls, scenic road drives.