About us

The idea of this blog has been in our mind since a few trips but it became reality after our trip in the Philippines in March 2020. We noticed there is almost no recent travel books about this country. That’s why we spent a long time reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube to plan our itinerary. And then we thought it could be great to share our experience and tips with everyone.

We hope you will like exploring this blog and that it will give you some ideas for your own trips :). We are looking forward reading your feedback or don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

We are a French couple in their 30s living in London. Of course we love travelling!

Lauriane – 34 years old – the adventurer. I write the different articles. I am from the East of France and I grew up in Les Vosges and I spent almost 10 years in Strasbourg.

Alexis – 34 years old – the explorer. He is the photograph and the pilot of the drone. He is also the webmaster of this blog :)! He is from a small town in the South of France.