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Our selection of the most popular hikes in Madeira you cannot miss

Hiking in Madeira is a must if you want to explore the most beautiful spots of the island. From Levadas walks to trails with breathtaking cliffs along the coastline, you will definitely enjoy discovering the numerous walking routes available on the island. In Madeira, there are more than 100 walks spread all over the island. In this post, we have selected our favourite hikes - Verada do Pico do Areiro - PR1, Verada da Ponta de São Lourenço - PR8, Caminho Real da Encumeada - PR12, Verada dos Balcões – PR11 and Verado da Fanal - PR13.

Useful videos and blogs to plan your road trip in Iceland

If you are planning your next adventure in Iceland - this post is very likely to inspire you :). Iceland is one of the most unique and iconic destination in the world. In one country, there is almost everything you can dream for. As a result this country attracts more and more travellers and photographers. Luckily for you it means that there is a lot of content ready to help you. It is crucial to plan carefully your road trip, especially if you have only a few days ;). So we gathered a couple of video and blog posts to help you define your itinerary for your road trip.

Climbing Ben Nevis, an epic hike to the highest summit in the United Kingdom

If you are looking for an epic and challenging hike in the UK - hike the Ben Nevis. This peak is the king of the North West highlands. In this post, we are telling you why you need to know before climbing this summit. And we are also sharing some tips and practical information to enjoy an amazing hike :).

How to plan your first visit of Edinburgh?

How to discover Edinburgh for a week-end? We listed our 10 favourite activities - visiting the famous castle and enjoying some panoramic views. Explore the city with a Harry Potter tour and wander along the Royal Mile. We also included some less touristic activities. Finally, we recommended some suggestions where to eat.

How to spend 3 days in Lisbon for a first time visit?

Lisbon is a city that attracts more and more tourists. It is a very popular European capital due to its sunny weather all year long. This city combines excellent quality food, cheap accommodations/flights and has a vibrant atmosphere and nightlife - it is perfect for a week-end getaway in Europe, or even longer! This very photogenic city is definitely worth a visit! Our complete guide for a first time visit with 12 things to do. Tips for a day trip in Sintra. Best places to eat? How much does it cost?

10 exciting things to do for your first visit to Rome

Best of Rome with our 10 favourite activities - including visiting the key landmarks. For example the majestic Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain. But also some less crowded spots as Altare della Patria or the Teatro di Marcello. Discovering the Villa Borghese Garden with a segwae. And of course - exploring the Vatican city. Finally we added a couple of restaurants where to eat and where not to stay.

The best of Venice – 10 must-have experiences

Best of Venice with our top 10 activities - including visiting the key landmarks. For example the Piazza San Marco and the Rialto bridge. But also some less crowded spots as San Giorgio Maggiore. You have to float along the canals by vaporetto to get the full experience. We also suggest that you visit both Murano and Burano islands. Finally we added a couple of recommendations where to eat and where to stay.

Is Iceland expensive? How to plan your budget for a 5 days road trip?

If you are planning your next trip in Iceland, this post may interest you :). We are providing a lot of details on the costs of our total road trip and described our key expenses categories. It should give you an overview of how much will cost your future trip. True it is not cheap to travel in a Nordic country but we also gave you some tips to limit your budget.

How to organise a 5 days road trip itinerary in Iceland?

A 5 days road trip to explore Iceland, which is one of the most unique and iconic destination in the world. In this post, our itinerary from Reykjavík to the Reynisfjara beach with black sand to the glacier - Jökulsárlón. We are telling you our key spots for each day of our trip.

The Blue Lagoon: Our experience & some tips to prepare your visit

If you are planning a trip in Iceland - it is very likely that you are considering to add it to your itinerary. This hot springs with light blue - milky colour is one of the most popular attraction in Iceland. What a nice treat to finish our Icelandic trip. In this post, we are telling you why you should visit it. And we are also sharing some tips and practical information to enjoy a perfect visit :).

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