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Bohol Island: Exploring the beauty of the Chocolate Hills, the Rice Terraces & Anda...

Beginning your trip in the Philippines in Bohol is a great idea. It is a very diverse island, you can found something unexpected around each corner. From rice terraces to paradisiac beaches to waterfalls to the tarsier sanctuary and last but not least to the famous Chocolate Hills, Bohol is one of the most adventurous islands in the Philippines. If you are visiting Bohol for the first time, then I hope this travel guide can help you plan your trip.

Why you should visit the Philippines? Summary of our epic adventure, tips from our...

What an incredible trip with so many epic days ! In this post, we are telling what we enjoyed the most? What we will not missed? The craziest thing we did, what we would have done differently? We also provided you with practical advice. Hopefully it will hep you to get around more easily, especially if is the first time you will explore the Philippines. Finally, we explained our budget.

Useful videos and blogs to plan your trip in the Philippines

I listed some useful videos that can help you to plan your next trip and to prepare your travel itinerary in the Philippines. I also added a couple of links to some travel blogs we used to prepare our trip on each island - Bohol, Dumaguete, Moalboal, Coron, El Nido.

Plan your trip in the Philippines: Itinerary for 2 or 3 weeks

There are so many islands to visit in the Philippines. I explained below how we plan our itinerary. In total, we spent 17 days between the following places: Bohol, Dumaguete, Moalboal, Coron, El Nido. I also explained why we decided not to explore some other islands.