Find inspiration here on the most beautiful places to explore on your next trip to Portugal. Escape for a city break to discover the most popular city in Portugal – Lisbon. And take a day trip to Sintra. We are also planning a trip in November to visit Madeira, a Portuguese Island. It does not matter, which part of the Portugal you are going to visit, don’t forget to taste the generous Portuguese cuisine, including the delicious pastries – Pastei de Nata!

Where to eat and where to sleep during your trip to Madeira? We've listed a combination of must-visit restaurants, cozy bakeries, and amazing sunset spots. And we present to you 2 favourite hotels - the Saccharum Hotel and The Vine.
Hiking in Madeira is a must if you want to explore the most beautiful spots of the island. From Levadas walks to trails with breathtaking cliffs along the coastline, you will definitely enjoy discovering the numerous walking routes available on the island. In Madeira, there are more than 100 walks spread all over the island. In this post, we have selected our favourite hikes - Verada do Pico do Areiro - PR1, Verada da Ponta de São Lourenço - PR8, Caminho Real da Encumeada - PR12, Verada dos Balcões – PR11 and Verado da Fanal - PR13.
Lisbon is a city that attracts more and more tourists. It is a very popular European capital due to its sunny weather all year long. This city combines excellent quality food, cheap accommodations/flights and has a vibrant atmosphere and nightlife - it is perfect for a week-end getaway in Europe, or even longer! This very photogenic city is definitely worth a visit! Our complete guide for a first time visit with 12 things to do. Tips for a day trip in Sintra. Best places to eat? How much does it cost?

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