Useful videos and blogs to plan your road trip in Norway

If you are planning your next adventure in the Norwegian fjords – this post is very likely to inspire you :). Norway is is a huge country. That’s why it is impossible to visit it entirely or even just the main highlight in one week or even two. In total, we booked a 6 days trip. As I explained in our post with our road trip itinerary – this trip was a surprise trip.

So Alexis organised everything on its own. He decided to focus on the Western Coast. He chose this area first of all because it is the home to the fjords. But also because he wanted to experience some of the most scenic drives in the world.

It is crucial to plan carefully your road trip, especially if you have only a few days ;). Alexis organised and booked this one week surprise trip alone. It took him dozen of hours of preparation. He easily decided that this time we will travel in Norway. Hence booking a flight ticket to Bergen was the easiest part of the preparation.

It can quickly become overwhelming to plan your itinerary in the Norwegian fjords. So we gathered a couple of video to give you an introduction to the Norwegian fjords. And maybe help you to decide which areas to explore. Then we also added a couple of links to some travel blogs, and some specifically for the Trolltunga hike. You can use them to help you define your itinerary for your road trip.

If you are planning your itinerary to explore the fords, check out our dedicated post – how to plan your 1 week road trip itinerary in Norway to explore the Fjords?

Table of Contents


First of all Alexis spent several hours watching Youtube videos to plan our itinerary. It helped him to decide where to stop and also what our road trip will look like.

Alexis’s video

Beautiful drone shots always inspired Alexis. And this is why at the end of our trip he decided to create a 3 minutes video. Have a look at this great footage on the Norwegian fjords filmed by Alexis!

Other videos

Below are some great videos to give you an appetite of the country:


Alexis read also a lot of blogs to prepare this surprise trip. First of all to define our itinerary and to create our journey day after day. He also wanted to identify are the best ways to drive to enjoy as much as possible the stunning landscapes around us.

When you are planning a one week itinerary or less, each day counts. You want to plan everything the best you can. Those different links should help you to answer different questions. For example where to stop? What to see? What are the unmissable spots for each day etc.

Road trip in Norway blogs

We listed some really nice blogs about travelling in Norway (updated in June 2020):

Tips for the hike in Trolltunga

Then we listed a couple of blogs dedicated to the Trolltunga hike. It is one of the most popular hike in Norway due to its incredibly scenic hike. However it is also a challenging one. So it is better to be well prepared and to have the best experience.

  • Norway to no where – a trail overview, many tips of what you need to bring and how to get there
  • Road & Rivers – how to get to Trolltunga and where to park
  • When to be where – what is the best period to hike to Trolltunga and many tips
  • Earthtrekkers – a step by step itinerary up to Trolltunga. And it is even possible to do it with 2 kids.

Guide book

Alexis also bought me the Michelin travel guide book he gave me at the airport – Norway the essentials. I really enjoy reading the Michelin travel guide as they provide a lot of useful information about the must see and key highlights of each region. And they also described many information about the country. For example about its history and its economy, when to go, money and budget, practical information etc.

To sum up, we hope those different videos, blogs and travel book will help you to organise your trip in the Norwegian fjords.