Amazing canyoneering experience at the Kawasan Falls in the Philippines

Canyoneering is a MUST if you stay on Cebu island :). We definitely recommend to spent one half day to discover the Kawasan Falls. This a unique and epic adventure. It is a perfect combination of jumps, fun and laughs with iconic landscapes.

It was an awesome action-packed morning that combined – jumps up to 15 metres, toboggans, swimming, scrambling over the rocks through a trail along the river. The spot is beautiful with turquoise water surrounded by lush green forests and waterfalls. We also explained which canyoneering tour we choose and why it is best to go there at early morning.

Finding a canyoneering tour

We arrived in Badian around 8.45am. We did our canyoning tour with Kawasan Canyoneering as they have great reviews and they were one of the few to be opened before 9.00am.

The price was 1500 PHP / person. And the government fixed the price so don’t try to negotiate. It includes the entrance fees, a private guide, life jacket, helmet, bottle of water, the transports to the falls and the lunch when you are back from the tour.

Let’s go

We began by a ride until the briefing point. We experienced for the first time being 3 people on a scooter and we don’t want to renew it too soon ;)!

Walk at the beginning of the Canyoneering tour

At the start, there are 2 options – a walk of about 30/45 minutes (depending of your path and how crowded it is) or you can take the zip line. And it will be about 3 minutes on the zip line and 10 minutes by foot. It costs 500 PHP each. As we forgot to take enough money with us, we couldn’t choose this option ;(.

Then we arrived at the 1st jump – 7m !

All the way there are options, in case you don’t feel like jumping. The landscapes around us during the full journey are amazing – jungle, rocks, clear and blue water, falls etc.

In total, there are 3 jumps at 7m, some small jumps and toboggans.

Then we arrived at the first jump at 10 metres, it is quite impressive – Alexis did it without thinking about it. For me it took me a while but I finally jumped. It was only a few seconds but it was great sensation!

After the jump at 10m!

On the way there are a couple of food sellers including barbecues. Then the is also a rope where you can jump from for 10 PHP each.

The Kawasan Falls

The last jump is at the Kawasan Falls with an option between 12 or 15 meter. We decided that we will stop it for today so we took the walk option.

Then after a walk we arrived in another fall where we could swim. It was the end of the tour. There are a lot of food options. We didn’t stop there as we had lunch included in our tour.

We walked to leave the area and took a tricycle with our guide for a couple of minutes. Then we had a well deserved lunch at our staring point.

What is the best time to go canyoneering?

To enjoy this spot as much as possible, go there at the early morning. What an amazing day without the without being surrounded by too many tourists! Our guide was super nice and smiling. At each point, he took so many pictures and videos from both of us. He was taking care of us and make sure we always choose the safest way. 

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