Useful videos and blogs to plan your trip in the Philippines

One of the first thing I like doing after buying flight tickets is to look for a travel guide book. It is usually a great starting point to find advice and tips to plan our next trip and to prepare our travel itinerary. I was disappointed to notice that there is almost none of them on the Philippines whereas it is becoming a more and more touristic destination. And almost none of them are recent! I looked both in French and in English. 

As there are so many islands (more than 7,000) , it makes it very hard to decide where we would like to stay. 

That’s why I listed some useful videos that can help you define which island you want to include in your trip. I also added a couple of links to some travel blogs we used to prepare our trip on each island.


In short, we spent hours watching Youtube videos to identify which island seems to worth a visit, which ones to select straight away, which ones to discard. Alexis was also inspired by the beautiful drone shots.

Below are some videos we really like :


Once we decided our travel itinerary, we identified what are the must do and see on each island we wanted to stay. Hence, we also spent a long time reading blogs to define more specifically where to stop?, what to see?, what are the top of 5 of each island? etc.

As a result, see below the selection of our favourite blogs:

To sum up, we hope it will help you to organise your trip in the Philippines :).