Why you should visit the Philippines? Summary of our epic adventure, tips from our trip

In total, we stayed 17 days in the Philippines. And it was an incredible trip with so many epic days. First of all the beaches are regarded as some of the best in the world with amazing diving spots. Then there are breathless blue lagoons that you can discover with island hopping. Last but not least, the welcoming nature of the Filipino people is also unwavering. In short, we really felt in love with this country.

In this post, we are telling what we enjoyed the most? What we will not missed? The craziest thing we did, what we would have done differently? We also provided you with practical advice. Hopefully it will hep you to get around more easily, especially if is the first time you will explore the Philippines. Finally, we explained our budget.

What we enjoyed the most?

Amazing sunset at Moalboal

First of all, this sunset kept us open-mouthed. I never thought about seeing so amazing colours – orange, red, pink, it was more than perfect! See our dedicated post to our stay in Moalboal.

Island hopping with a private boat

What an incredible experience :)! It is a must. That’s why we definitely recommend to treat yourself with this amazing adventure. To sum up our day was hectic. 

Breathless drone shots

Last but not least, we enjoyed spectacular drone shots to capture the turquoise colour of the lagoons. See our post Island hopping on a private boat at Coron.

What we will not miss?

  • Firstly, the burnt with the scooter that I should have avoided by being more careful :(.
  • In addition, there are a lot of mosquito especially at El Nido. And it seems that they particularly liked Alexis’ skin ;)! 
  • Then the journey in ferry from Coron to El Nido. The sea was rough and there were some winds … Especially at the end of the trip when your stomach had some issues, it is not ideal … don’t ask about it to Alexis 😉

If we have a magic wand, what we would change to our trip?

It would be worth to switch at least one day in our trip. We would spend one day less in Dumaguete but one day more in El Nido. In total, we suggest to spend at least 3 full days in El Nido. It would have been nice to do a less crowded tour. For example, the tour B or the tour D. See our dedicated post about our stay in El Nido.

The craziest thing, we did

The jump at 10 metres at the Kawasan Falls. I was quite scared and not sure I could do it. I didn’t try the highest one that was at 15 metres ;)! It was already crazy a sensations at 10 metres ;). See our dedicated post about Canyoneering at the Kawasan Falls.

Practical travel guide, tips and advices

Alexis wrote a full article with detailed information about this country. In a short, if you are planning to explore the Philippines for the first time – you have to check out this post :). He answered many questions to help you to get around in this new destination. For example – when to visit?, for how long?, what are the food local specialities, what vaccines do you need etc.

Infographic – summary of practical information

He summarised all those information in a very useful infographic. You can even download it and print at home. Enjoy :).

Download the infographic


In total, we stayed 17 days in the Philippines. It was an amazing and rather cheap experience. In short, it cost us about 65 GBP = 4,250 PHP = 75 EUR / day / person without the cost of our international flight.

I write a detailed post which provide a lot of information regarding our budget. Just for information, we were not on a tight budget for this trip. Of course, we were careful with some expenses. However, we also choose comfortable hotels and did a lot of visits and day tours. See our dedicated post – our budget for our trip in the Philippines.

Filipino pesos, coins and bills
Filipino pesos